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Women of Tinder Predict the 2014-2015 NBA Season


Instead of spending a month on in-depth, statistical-driven analysis to preview the upcoming NBA Season and all 30 teams … I went on ‘Tinder’ to get the opinions of completely random women. 

Here are the results:

Atlanta Hawks:



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my small group leader’s mom passed away this past weekend. It’s weird that i took it to heart when i heard about it considering it was someone i never met. But I was blessed because she got baptized the week before. I was reminded of the parable of the workers. “the last will be first and the first will be last” - Matthew 20:16.

It was always a parable i struggled with because i hated the idea that all the works i do/did in my life will not be rewarded because my reward is given to me by the grace and infinite love of God. considering i spent most of my christian walk bashing on predestination and calvinism, the thought that my own works on this earth were meaningless hurts my selfish feelings. although to this day, my very limited theological background and knowledge and i don’t know whether calvinism or arminianism is correct, or even whether or not i even believe the distinction is important, I am encouraged by the fact that God’s love is incomprehensible. That even those that curse or hate the word and the gospel can turn around and be saved on the last day on earth and be welcomed into God’s warm and loving embrace gives me hope.


with the advances of technology the phrase “the world is getting smaller every day” is used frequently. but now that i have moved 800ish miles away from what i call home i can’t honestly say that the world feels small. everyone i know and love is now distant and nearly out of my life. sure i can easily communicate with them on a regular basis but still they’re not near me. to add to that, with those near to me i feel like technology adds a buffer between myself and those near to me because i continue to reside in my comfort zone and use social media as a means to connect to them resulting in those a few miles away from me to feel as though they are just as far away from me as everyone else.

how come every time i write a post i feel incredibly insightful? but immediately after publishing it and reading it back to myself i sound like an idiot?

importance of timing

i wanted something to happen but it wasn’t an option and couldn’t happen but then when the opportunity for it became a possibility to happen and could happen i became unable to make anything happen. which brings me to my current state in which nothing happened.


My directorial debut in a 72 hour short film contest lulz.

steve song is my hero



last week of my internship. living with the pastor and a friend at my church cause i got kicked out of my apartment last week. immense stress put on my by my multiple bosses yesterday preparing for a presentation i had today that ended up being really easy. getting my heart ready to leave the sunshine state. 

its pretty disappointing that i have to leave this vacation state to go back to michigan the second worst state ever (ohio being the worst). leaving the church i’ve grown to love that has blessed me more than i’d ever been blessed in any given two month period in my life. leaving the friends i’ve made that have shown me kindness and eased me into the transition of living in florida in time for me to leave. leaving the internship right when i started doing work that i could see progress in. it’s all disappointing but those are the pessimistic ways of looking at things.

on the other hand i have gained a community that i don’t think i’ll ever let go of and i know they will always open their arms for me when i’m in tampa. i made friends that have changed me and molded me in a way that would never have happened if i didn’t come and go from tampa. and lastly i got a resume booster and hopefully (fingers crossed) a full time employment offer. and lastly lastly, i get to go back to michigan the 49th best state ever. see my family, my dog, and my friends. i miss y’all. 

Movie Reviews :D


A movie about a teacher that has a bit of a drug problem and is found out by one of her students while in the locker room smoking crack. and much to my surprise their relationship becomes stronger through this experience. 

the movie was good. it wasn’t your ordinary student school teacher film which is something i really enjoy. it has a deeper message than just a teacher making a difference in it’s students lives. there’s a scene in the movie that slapped the previously stated idea in the face where ryan gosling is in a bar and a man comes up to him and talks to him about his daughter that was in his class in middle school. and now she’s goign to georgetown majoring in history because of the things he did for her in the class. and ryan gosling doesn’t care. doesn’t even really recognize the student’s name. then the dad walks away. 

one last thing to say about this movie is research “dialectics” before you watch it. it plays a big role in understanding why the writers and the director made the film how it is. the difference between the classic teacher film and this one because there are a ton of scenes like the previous one that are specifically geared towards this train of thought.

Half Nelson: 9/10


Movie takes place in Iraq during the Gulf War after the Americans are heralded victorious. What most Americans probably do not know is that this conflict didn’t end with America’s victory. George Bush Sr. told the Iraqi’s to fight against Saddam so that they can be free from the dictatorship. i’d rather not go into debate about the rights and wrongs of our politicians so i’ll end the background here. 

the main characters are george clooney, marky mark wahlberg, and ice cube. one and a half rappers and george clooney. after confiscating a map the three are tipped off to a collection of gold that belongs to saddam and could make them all multimillionaires. 

the movie follows these three guys in their conflict between their desires to make a lot of money and their humanistic sympathy towards civilians being punished by saddam’s men. although this description makes it seem like a war movie, the portrayal of the civilians makes this movie a bit different from the average war movie. and although it seems like a war movie/drama. its not. it is a hilariously funny comedy that you should watch. very funny

Three Kings: 9/10


Another movie with george clooney. i don’t even remember how i came across this movie but it seemed entertaining enough. extremely loosely based on the odyssey during the great depression. george clooney and a couple goofs escape jail in an attempt to find treasure. but if you know anything about the odyssey its about odysseus going home to stop his wife from getting married. but yeah the movie is entertaining and funny. i mean i haven’t read the odyssey in its entirety myself but i did read parts of it in my mythology class in high school so i have some things i can compare to it.

which brings me to my next point. it seemed like the writers of the script tried so hard to just throw random elements of odyssey into the movie. and after watching the movie i read about the movie and found out the writers actually never read the odyssey either. sooooo if you are a huge homer fan then don’t expect too much out of it besides entertainment. and… there’s a character in the movie that plays bluegrass named chris thomas king. and he actually produces bluegrass/hip-hopish music. but back on track the music in the movie is actually really good. i listened to a couple of the songs for several days after watching the movie and its all like country/bluegrass music which i’ve never enjoyed in my life.

O Brother Where Art Thou: 6/10

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because i saw this…. i ate a salad for lunch at mcdonalds while i smelled the fries and burgers…. it was torturous. and i’m still hungry. here’s a hint to all my many readers. never eat salads at a fast food restaurant where u love the food that is alternatively sold

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth